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"Life is a beautiful ride, so let me find the wheels for your life" Arturo Morell

Vélo dessiné

Tuesday to Friday
9:30 - 12:00   13:30 -18:30

9:30 - 12:00   13:00 -17:00 

How to find us  


Grand-rue 55, 1180 à Rolle



021 825 1552 / 079 910 0298


"The service from the shop was excellent. Arturo's recommendation on bikes was spot on!" 

Deanne Pienaar

"This shop is lead by a someone who truly loves his job and the craft. Arturo gave me great advice [and] flawless service, 5 stars. 

Local guide

"Great little bike shop in the centre of Rolle. Arturo is super helpful and always keen to make sure you're happy with your new bike" 

Marilyn Schorm

Our bicycles !

Bike shop located at the high street of Rolle offering  different bikes brands for sale, bike repairs and bike rentals

Founded in 1988 is a American-Canadian brand which is  all about the freedom and empowerment of the bicycle: "We're not big, nor small, we are just a group of cyclists making bicycles for people who love bikes".

Since 1995, BULLS has represented athletic cycling with highest quality claims in nearly any price class: from the beginners' mountain bike to the carbon racing machine to be used in world elite races, BULLS offers a convincing bike range that brings home new test victories from renowned trade journals every year.

Swiss company founded in 2001, with the bikes manufactured facilities in Bern. The company objective is the development, manufacture and distribution of ebikes and other innovative products relating to  mobility on two  wheels

These beauties are assembled in Germany. The design team has a combined high-end engineering design with belt driven transmission. They produce limited number of bikes, as they are focused on producing high quality, hand-assembled bikes.

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